We believe that when we make Disciples of the Kingdom in all domains of Society, Jesus will build his Church.


We believe that when we make Disciples of the Kingdom in all domains of Society, Jesus will build his Church. Release Initiative was started by a family of churches mentored in this DNA by Bob Roberts, Jr. & Glocal.net.


The Kingdom of God is the reign of God. It is Jesus Christ, the Lord over all things, in action. Wherever the will of God is being done, that’s where the Kingdom is being manifested. In a very real sense, Jesus is the Kingdom in person.

It is the message Jesus proclaimed (referenced nearly 100 times in Matthew, Mark, and Luke). It is the reality Jesus embodied. His teaching makes it the priority of our prayers, our personal lives, and all our ministry endeavors. We are to “seek first the Kingdom of God.” It is a key to understanding personal and city transformation.

Our charge is to fully utilize all that has been made possible for us by Christ (the new accessibility of the Kingdom) to affect change in ourselves and our society to more explicitly align with the values of God’s Kingdom. We really want His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth just as it is being done in heaven right now.


We are disciples of Jesus and are called to make more disciples. This is the focus and primary goal: to advance the Kingdom by making disciples. A Disciple is someone who HEARS & OBEYS everything God has commanded through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

If we’re going to see real transformation in our communities and globally, everybody has to be in the game. Each disciple has gifts and skills that can make a difference when mobilized for the good of others. Their job is their ministry and has the potential to open doors at the local and global level.

Three Rhythms combine to help create a culture of disciple-making that leads to personal and community transformation.  These three rhythms: CHRIST, COMMUNITY, CAUSE (Up, In, Out), must be practiced simultaneously for a disciple to have a transforming influence.

Underlying this model is the conviction that through Christ, God is reconciling all things to himself.


Society is composed of groups of people who work within their own areas of expertise or “domains.” These core structures of society do not change. The people working within these domains meet the basic needs of society and keep it functioning. The domains of society become crucial in the transformation of a city. Those who assume leadership in these spheres of influence have the potential to completely reshape their city; its values, priorities, and practices. In directing His people to bless their cities and the nations of the world, God is calling us to engage domains as a way of seeing His Kingdom come to people and cities.


Our DNA as KINGDOM DISCIPLES compels us to engage SOCIETY and then watch God build His CHURCH. The church consists of all true believers in Jesus Christ throughout all time. The Kingdom manifests itself through the church. Thus, experientially, it provides a foretaste of the future reign of God. It exists only because of Jesus Christ and is mandated with extending His mission in the world.