Coaching Process

Evaluation / Community / Learning

How We Coach

We believe in the value and importance of coaching, or to use more Biblical language, apostolic fathering.

One becomes a part of the Glocal Family through our Release Funnel process:

Step 1: Turbo (one-day training; high-level overview of DNA)

Step 2: Online pre-assessment (apply on this website)

Step 3: Release training (choose and register at a city-center near you)

Step 4: Assessment

Step 5: Funding and Coaching

When one gets to step 5, we will have a formal 18 month long coaching relationship meeting monthly through zoom online calls and other gatherings/events throughout the year.

The monthly coaching components:
Leadership Development
Core Group Development
How to Engage a Nation
Exegeting Your City
Prioritizing Our Families
7 Processors - Matrix
Staying Whole as a Person and Family
Parenting While Planting
Spiritual Warfare
Challenging Cultural Issues
Developing a Timeline
How to Multiply
Developing a Prospectus
Addressing Growth Barriers
Time Management
Administrative Issues
Unfolding the Arms - Leading Your Church with Lost People in Mind
The Six Roles of the Church Planter
Public Square
One Conversation
5-Fold MinistryChurch Polity

This will ensure continued learning, community and evaluation as the participant goes out and implements the Kingdom DNA in their context.

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